RNA therapeutics at the speed of now

Nutcracker Therapeutics is an RNA medicines company that has combined the power of advanced engineering with high-precision biosynthesis to create a complete RNA platform. We have initiated multiple development programs, in collaboration with clinical investigators, at leading medical institutions.

Breakthrough RNA therapies

Through our platform’s ability to accelerate the development of life-changing RNA medicines, our mission is to bring therapies to the most patients worldwide in the shortest possible time. We are advancing these RNA medicines through the development process across multiple therapeutic areas.

Our proprietary GMP-in-a-box approach to RNA manufacturing has the potential to significantly reduce costs and cycle times for RNA therapeutic development, with dramatic advantages in capacity scaling and delivery over other RNA manufacturing approaches.

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We know our success depends on our values

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Move complete RNA platform forward

We accelerate research and therapies for patients.

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Learn and embrace change

We are innately curious, and constantly changing for all the right reasons.

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Deliver results

We focus on outcomes, not obstacles.

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Be intellectually honest and transparent

We make data-driven decisions.

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Foster collaboration

We work together across functions, teams, expertise, and backgrounds. No silos.

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Develop people

We care about our people and their future.

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Why Nutcracker Therapeutics?

At Nutcracker Therapeutics, we’ve brought together the best engineers and scientists to develop the world’s first and only push-button RNA platform, and to create new RNA medicines to treat the world’s most complex diseases.