Our Platform


Push Button Operation

We are designing a breakthrough fully-integrated system for the production of mRNA-therapeutics on single use biochips, at the push of a button. This will enable scalable on–demand experimental and manufacturing capacity.


Rapid Cycle Times

We are targeting the production of patient-specific formulations in as few as several weeks from sample retrieval.



Our automated manufacturing processes are software controlled. Each step is precisely executed, measured, recorded and documented. Our system and processes are designed to fully incorporate environmental and regulatory controls required for GMP manufacturing, resulting in copy-exact production of every lot of material.


Delivery Vehicles

mRNA molecules are not innately bioavailable, and therefore require well-designed delivery vehicles to facilitate efficient gene expression. We plan to deploy a library of indication-specific delivery vehicles to enable multiple treatment modalities. These include proprietary classes of unique materials.


For the Benefit of Patients

We have initiated pre-clinical programs in collaboration with world-class clinicians at leading medical institutions. In partnerships, we will advance breakthrough therapies at high velocity through all stages of clinical development. We are driven by the unique opportunity that mRNA therapeutics offer to save lives and improve patient outcomes.