Our Platform

Nutcracker® Microfluidic-based Technology Platform

Our system uses proprietary hardware and software combined with innovations in mRNA biochemistry and nanoparticle delivery to produce optimized mRNA therapies on biochips.

In development mode, our system rapidly performs efficient selection of lead mRNA therapeutic candidates with optimized delivery vehicle compositions out of a vast number of combinations, improving the quality of lead candidates and the probability of success.

In manufacturing mode, our system delivers optimized mRNA therapies for any composition of interest in an exact, repeatable and easily scalable and deployable process which is fully executed on biochips within an enclosed fluid path.


Push Button Operation

Our system is a fully-integrated system for automated, software-controlled production of mRNA therapeutics on single use biochips, through a fully enclosed fluid path, and executed in a push-button fashion with minimal operator intervention. This enables readily scalable on–demand support both for experimental use and clinical and commercial needs.


Rapid Cycle Times

Our system enables the production of patient-specific mRNA formulations in as little as a few weeks from patient sample retrieval.



Our automated manufacturing processes are software controlled. Each step is precisely executed, measured, recorded and documented. Our system and processes are designed to fully incorporate environmental and regulatory controls required for GMP manufacturing, resulting in copy-exact production of every lot of material.


Novel Delivery Vehicles

mRNA molecules are not innately bioavailable, and therefore require well-designed delivery vehicles to facilitate efficient expression of the desired protein. We have developed a library of unique proprietary delivery vehicle compositions, designed to optimize delivery for different indications.  Our proprietary process for mixing and formulation of mRNA and delivery vehicles on the Nutcracker® biochips yields optimized nanoparticles containing single or multiple mRNA molecules.


For the Benefit of Patients

We are driven by the unique opportunity that mRNA offers as a therapeutic modality to enable first-in-class human and veterinary medicines with potential to save lives and improve outcomes. We have initiated preclinical oncology programs in collaboration with top clinical investigators at leading medical institutions. In partnerships, we will advance breakthrough mRNA therapies at high velocity through all stages of development across a variety of indications.